Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training For the first responder

Why learn brazilian jiu jitsu

First responders play a crucial role in our communities. Yet, most departments forget to protect first responders like firefighters and EMTs by providing assault prevention and reaction training. The prevalence of assaults against first responders is making new training requirements necessary. Too many unknown variables are being introduced into emergency situations and first responders need to physically and mentally prepare in order to defend themselves. BJJ training offers first responders the ability to learn appropriate responses and more automatic actions to ward off a developing situation to avoid injury.

Hard Work and Perseverance

BJJ was a breath of fresh air for me, putting me around amazing coaches, and great people who were overflowing with passion, self-confidence and determination. BJJ showed me that you do not need to have an ounce of natural talent to succeed in something, and that hard work and perseverance are the only qualities you need to climb your way to any goal you wish to accomplish.

Calm and Happiness

Jiu jitsu has helped me improve my life in innumerable ways. Beyond the obvious benefits of being healthier and getting in better shape, I truly feel that jiu jitsu has motivated me to improve myself outside of my athletic life as a student, professional, and a person. It’s become a framework through which I can learn and understand the world.


Jiu jitsu gave me the confidence to believe I can really accomplish anything I set my mind to. No other sport puts you in positions where at full speed you have to overcome size and strength disadvantages, keep cool under stress, use your brain to constantly be thinking of your next attack, dealing with fatigue, all while having to deal with your emotions.

Health and Weight Loss

I was shocked when purple belt Craig Ferguson told me he lost seventy pounds since he began training, “The benefits you can’t see are more important to me,” he said. “I’ve learned to push myself further. I’ve witnessed the power of hard work as I improve bit by bit. I’ve made great friends and adopted a healthy, positive lifestyle. And I’ve learned a skill I can share with my daughters.”

Change your life for the best. Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Get into shape and release the stress. Join The Club.

Learn to defend yourself

Departments ARE still without assault prevention training

We all have the image of a firefighter or EMT carrying someone to rescue or helping a thankful citizen in our heads when we think about first responder situations. However, first responders across the nation, are saying this is not always the case. ABC Local News Channel 7 reported that emergency personnel have been assaulted on the job and first responders claim the severity and frequency is getting worse.


Isaac “Ike” Haertel

Club Head Coach
In 2013, Ike was awarded his Brown Belt from Professor Pedro Sauer. Ike enjoys the mastering of basic techniques, rather than focusing on low percentage complex maneuvers that might not have any application in a real world situation.

The club meets at 9:00 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Don't miss your opportunity to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Because when you need it, it's too late!!!